Monday, March 20, 2006

My first BIG project

I finished!!! I'm so happy today. It took me less than a month to finish BBBB from Stitch'n'Bitch. I used Bernat's DenimStyle in Canvas. The yarn was VERY easy to work with. There are a few mistakes that I didn't notice until I was finished. =(. I'm hoping the recipent won't notice them either. My friend is due in May, but she is just 1 of a list of 4 of my good friends who are pregnant. The next is due in July and I'm on the hunt now for yarn!

I think I'm going to use Plymouth Encore Colorspun worsted in Cinderella. It's a peach, yellow and cream variegated yarn. I don't want to use baby colors for these blankets, but Angie just found out she's having a girl and I can't help myself. She already has 2 boys, so I have to do something girly.

Well my next project is a tank top for my Mother-in-law's birthday. I purchased Elsebeth Lavold's Silky Wool in Chocolate. We'll see how it goes. I've only done squares and rectangles to date. Luckily, I have Lynn who will be able to help me!

Friday, March 17, 2006

Can you be addcited to knitting?

okay, I really don't understand my continuing obsession with knitting. My house is a mess! I can't believe that 2 sticks and some wool have taken over my life like this! I currently am working on only one project which is good I guess. At one point I had 3 going at once. Not good for the family.

My son tells me I can't knit when he's awake by pulling on me saying, "No needle, no needle." Sad and funny at the same time. My house is a pig sty. I haven't swept or mopped in about a week. I need to go to Target and buy some supplies to get my house back on track.

I hope I can keep this blog up and running with pictures of all my wonderful completed projects.