Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Back from the Holiday

Okay, we didn't go any where, I've just been a slacker with the blogging. I've read countless blogs over the past few weeks, but just couldn't bring myself to do anything on my own. I think it's a few reasons.

1. I'm working on stelth Christmas/New Year's gifts for a few people that read this blog. I couldn't possibly give it away.

2. The Lana Grossa Baby Kid Shawl is just SOOOOOO boring right now!!! I'm basically 40inches into a 60in rectangle of Stockinette Stitch!!! It's coming along a lot faster that I would have thought b/c of the Addi Turbos I bought. These things are REMARKABLE!! The yarn glides effortlessly across them. I feel like I'm just flying with these things!!! Here's a picture of where I am right now!! Only 20 inches and ruffle to go!! I've got time right????

I felted that alpaca hat! It turned out . . .um. . . . interesting!! I like it. Wouldn't have been my first choice, but since a loggerhead turtle could have worn the hat prior to felting, it's good! Here's a picture of the hat and the matching scarf that I made in January 2005 from yarn from L.!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Weekend Update and the Decision is Made

Thanks to Leah and Michelle for suggesting a little bag. I think that is what I'm going to do!! I need something to tote around my smaller knitting stuff, book club reading, S's diapers and sippy cup, etc. I think it'll be something nice to have during the dreary winter in Wisconsin.

Thanks to everyone who suggested things Yes, Nina, even the legwarmers!!! =) There were some lovely ideas that have sent me in search of yarn for different projects.

This weekend I did a few things. S had a minor procedure on Friday so we had to take care of a very sore little boy. He's doing fine now and is back to his normal 2.5 year old self!

Saturday night, R got into a HBO boxing presentation, so after 10 mintues of watching men bash each others faces in, I gave up! I hid in my closet (aka. Yarn Stash Storage) and began to sort. It is my intent to start 2007 with organzied yarn. I have an excel spreadsheet with all the needles, yarn and even some patterns(don't judge people!) but that really isn't enough. I need my yarn organized by fiber content or use. Right now everything is in bags, which I HATE!! I'm in need of some very good storage bins. I saw some at Home Depot and have asked Santa to bring me those drawers!

Here is what I have down: wool, fancy/expensive stuff, baby use, cotton, acrylics (yes, I use them for kid stuff!), novelty yarns, and scrap yarn. Now we need to get them into bins!

Finally, I admitted to myself that I did a piss poor job on my gauge for this hat. It's Misti Alpaca Chunky, and I really went nuts when it came to gauge. I mainly make hats for kids or babies so the gauge really has never been a problem. I swore it looked just fine for me. Well, it was HUGE. It was even big on R's head. He said it just slid on. Well, I felted it. It's drying so the result is still unknown. The felting did the trick, but now it's a waiting game to see if it's still beautiful and soft like it's matching scarf that I made last year. Notice my attempt to be a creative displayer of my work. I love how people are displaying their work lately! Sorry L, had to copy ya!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

March of Dimes Prematurity Awareness Month

I was lucky enough to have a full-term (overdue) pregnancy with S, but so many of his friends decided to come early. We're blessed b/c most of them have a happy healthy life, but so many babies are impacted for years b/c of premature birth. I just wanted to honor the March of Dimes for trying to help these babies.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

2 FOs for the holidays and 1 crazy cat

I've been cheating on my Lana Grossa Kid Shawl. It's taking a long time and for 60inches, it's stockinette Stitch over 100 stitches!! UGH!!! I'm SO bored with it, but I promised to make DHs cousin a rockin' gift for his family's gift exchange. Oh, the things I do for love!! =)

Anyway, about every 5 inches or so I have to do something new. Here are two projects I'm completed. The first is the same pattern as DHs afghan, but it's for my granny. She's 86 and ALWAYS cold! I used light pink and cream in Patons Divine and then Sierra in LionBrand Homespun. I love this for a gift! It's warm, looks so fancy, and it's QUICK with a huge, huge capital Q!!!

The next is just a hat and scarf set I made for the youngest daughter of one of my lesbian internet friends =). L is around 18 months and so cute. I used some stash yarn (Caron Simply Soft and Moda-Dea Beloved) and it turned out great!! I used a simple garter stitch pattern on both pieces and it really works b/c it looks so lovely and girly. It'll be great to see a picture!!!!

Finally, I have some creepy pictures of Kramer. He's our dog-cat and he has to be in on everything. Here are 2 pictures of him testing out granny's afghan!!!

Monday, November 06, 2006

Can't blame anyone but myself for this!!

WHAT DID I DO??? I was browsing some blogs yesterday and saw the mention of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Sock of the Month Club/Sock Club. I checked it out and found the wonderful Sock Club 2007. I knew L would totally get into this so I happily sent it to her. While waiting for her response, I continued to read my Sunday blogs and I realized how most of the knitters that have work I really enjoy are avid sock knitters. I started thinking, why haven't I made socks? Why is it that I've been knitting for almost a year making sweaters, hats, afghans, scarves, etc but I've never ventred into socks?

This was my chance, L responded back that she pre-registered for this, so I had to too. I had a calling. So after quickly typing all my information into the registration and hitting submit, I realized . . . I have to pay over $200 for something I've never done, tried, or even took a stab at!!! WTF!! The excitement got to me!!!

I'm going to do it, but I'll have to REALLY hide my paper trail from DH, I'm sure he could find much better ways (or at least in his opinion) to use 200!!! Oh, yeah, maybe more since I have only have 1 set of DPNs!!!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Won't you help a fellow knitter out!!

Okay, fellow knitters. I need some ideas!!! I have some really beautiful Patagonia Naure Cotton by Araucania. Now I have NO idea what to do with this yarn!!!

Here is a picture. As you can see I'm taking the cue from many of my fellow knitters, I'm starting to take my pictures outside. Hopefully, I can continue this for a while until snow gets here!

On a side note: I always feel funny about using the word hopefully in posts. I had a professor in college back in 1991 that didn't allow us to use the word "hopefully" to begin a sentence. We would have to say, "I'll get into grad school full of hope" instead of "Hopefully, I'll get into grad school" Then we would see the error in what we were saying. He felt that the word "hopefully" was used wrong more often than any other word in our language!! Sorry to veer off track on that!

So anyone have any ideas?? I'll take any and al ideas no matter how outrageous they may be!!!

The color is pink (obviously!) and I have 210 yards. A scarf might be fun, but I just finished the silk one so I don't think I'm in the *mood* for a scarf. . . okay, I lied. I'll take any idea as long as it's not a scarf!! =)