Monday, January 05, 2009

Well now, where have we been???

Well, I'm back. Not sure how many people are going to be reading this again, but I'll try to get this updated every Wednesday when both beasts are at MDO.

My current knitting obsession has been with sweaters. I can't get enough. I'm on my 4th one since July. I've done the Central Park Hoodie, February Lady Sweater, Sweet Pea Coat, and I just casted on the Slouchy Cardigan. That's not counting DHs sweater and both the boys sweaters. I still have enough sweaters worth of Malabrigo, Goshen, Nature Cotton, and Southwick to stay busy for a long time. I'm also currently waiting on Commuknity to call me back so I can get another 3 sweater's worth of yarn at 40% off (the discount code isn't working). To pay for most of this stuff, I sold some books and yarn on Ravlery. Love my Ravelry folks so nice and in need of some good stuff!!

Socks have taken a step back. I guess once Spring/Summer gets here I'll be ready to pick up the DPNs again.

I'm knitting like crazy and have finished a GAZILLION things since I last posted.

Here is the link to my Ravelry page. I'll start posting pictures again since I'm blogging again.

What have I been up to???

Life is good the eldest beast is 4.5 and thinks he's 45. He talks down to us and treats us like freakin' idiots most of the time. I mean, the kid is bright, but the fact of the matter is that the sun is a STAR and not a PLANET. This was our last conversation that lasted 20 minutes, with him ending it w/ "Okay, mommy, if you think it's a star, then it's a star (insert eye roll here)"

The younger of my beasts is too funny. He's a monster toddler and is by far a force of nature that makes an F5 tornado look like a slight breeze! I've never seen destruction on this level from a child. I've heard rumors, but never experienced it until now. He's a mini-MacGyver and can get into anything he wants. The cat is in therapy from the abuse he's getting.

All in all they're strong willed, opininated, smart, and devilishy handsome. I'm in deep trouble b/c they both flash those baby blues at me and I totally melt. I mean who can stay mad at the two most beautiful boys in the world. . . . .. I complain about them b/c they're crazy, but I know that I was born to be their mommy. It's the best job I could have ever asked for (well ,most days!!! )

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Always my personality!

I was a Psy. major in college and took personality tests all the time. I have ALWAYS been an ENTJ. Even with motherhood and 35 years under my belt, I'm still a control freak who loves to judge!!! Seriously, I don't think I'm this evil . . wait, I am!!

You Are An ENTJ

The Executive

You are a natural leader - with confidence and strength that inspires others.

Driven to succeed, you are always looking for ways to gain, power, knowledge, and expertise.

Sometimes you aren't the most considerate person, especially to those who are a bit slow.

You are not easily intimidated - and you have a commanding, awe-inspiring presence.

In love, you hold high standards... for yourself, for your relationship, and for your significant other.

While it's easy for you to impress others, it's hard for you to find someone who impresses you.

At work, you are organized and good at delegating. You understand how to achieve goals.

You would make a great CEO, entrepreneur, or consultant.

How you see yourself: Rational, calm, and objective

When other people don't get you, they see you as: Inflexible, controlling, and overbearing

Thursday, April 03, 2008

It's been while

since I posted my FOs!!

First, a little hat I did. I used a simple pattern and 3 colors of Hubro from Dale . . .I love this. I used Fibonacci numbers. I love that dude's thought process and applying it to knitting!!! It's for a little lady of 9. Knitty Lynn suggested the pompom and I think it's to die for!! Of course, the crazy almost 4 year old w/ hot pink toes (DH was NOT happy!!) had to model it for me.

Pattern: Wool Noggins by Marie Grace Smith
Needles: Size 10 Circulars

I also finished my Embossed Leaves in Prepster by Scout's Swag. I love the yarn. It's so tightly spun that it's a DREAM to knit with! I haven't had this much fun w/ socks in a while!!!

Pattern: Embossed Leaves by Mona Schmidt

Found in: Favorite Socks , 25 Timeless Designs from Interweave

Needles: Size US 2 DPNs
I have a few more things, I've been working on that are coming along nicely. Once they're FOs, I'll be posting them too.
I have been stash enhancing a bit, but the camera needs batteries and it seems if I don't post about the new stuff, it doesn't really exist! Isn't that how it works??

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Nothing like a long break to get people wondering!!!

Just teasing on the title. I had no idea it had been 1.5months since I posted. I have been knitting like a mad woman as well as wrangling those two creatures of mine!!
S will be 4 in May and is slowly acting human again. He's signed up for LOTS of summer camps, yes he's way overscheduled!! He's still a great big brother and really loves his role.

E will be 6 months on the 1st. He's just a doll and sitting up. He thinks he's 2 or 3 already and gets very ANGRY when he realizes he can't run and jump w/ big brother!!

Easter was well, FREAKIN' AWFUL!!! We had over a foot of snow so we didn't leave the house for 3, count em' 3, days!!!! Everyone was stir crazy by Sunday so it didn't go well!

Of course the boys were thrilled by the Easter Bunny's gifts!!

As far as knitting goes, there's been lots of it!! I'll update soon.

Monday, February 04, 2008

My name is Cat and I'm a yarn addict . . .

Hello Cat . . .

Okay, I have a problem, I know I do. Isn't that the first step to recovery?? I'm always eyeing the Destash/ In Search Of Forum on Ravelry. Do I need any yarn?? No, but what if the bestest most wonderfulness of yarn is listed .. .shouldn't I have a chance to get it?? Right???

everyone nod yes at the crazy lady

Well that's what I did folks!! Got 3 skeins of sock yarn: 2 Cherry Tree Hill and 1 of Scout's Swag.

Here they are!

They're all just beautiful. We're having craptastic weather here in SE Wisconsin, so the light didn't agree with me today. I can't wait to use the solid from CTH. I've never own a solid sock yarn (except black for DH) and can't wait to do a great lacey/patterned sock with this. I love the varigated, but I want to start really showing off the detail of the patterns with some solid yarns.

Then, Knitty Lynn, Jodi and I went to Loop. The best yarn shop in Milwaukee EVER!! We had some coffee, shopped, I got in trouble at home b/c I was about 45 minutes late, but it all was worth it. I've eyed the Misti International Hand Dyed Chunky for a while now and I had to cave. It's soft and gorgeous. I can't stop fondling my yarn (see above, I have a problem).

Then this yarn just kept calling to me at the store. Something about the colors just drew me in. I didn't even know what it felt like or who made it. It just had some great colors. Well, lucky me, it was Misti AGAIN!! Just thier 4ply worsted. Lovin' it!!

Outside of the the yarn purchases, I have been knitting!!! I'm almost half way done with my Big Bad Baby Blanket. It's the fourth one I've done so it's a very quick and easy knit for me. I'm using Blue Sky Cotton and I do love it. HOWEVER, as cotton does, my stitches are not being forgiven as much as they would have been in another yarn. There are DEFINITE tension changes in the blanket. It bugs me, but I think the yarn and color are so pretty that I'm hoping the mom won't notice too much. She's not a knitter, so I might be safe. Hopefully a good blocking and washing will do wonders for the blanket. The baby is due on the 14th so I hope to have it ready to send when we get word that Baby Matty is here!!!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The poncho that never was

I wanted to make a poncho, but when it was brought up to knitting and non-knitting friends alike, I was taunted and teased. So with my tail tucked between my legs I put up the yarn, pattern and needles.

Fast forward 1 year. the Knitpicks Panache in Cloud was staring at me. Begging to be knit into something wonderful. So I decided to do something with it and give the yarn its day in the sun.

So out comes one of my pattern books, One Skein Wonders by Judith Durant. There was an adorable hat that was knit in 3 seperate directions called the Shepherd Bulky Rainbow Hat. It was a quick knit and looks adorable (if I do say so myself!). I even ventured to make some fingerless mittens to match from the same book. I'm stylin' in Wisconsin ridiculous winter!!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

MAJOR Stash Enhancment

I'm so excited about all my new yarn!! A small LYS is closing it's doors and going strictly internet so she decided to sell what was in the store at 50% off!! Yep 50%off of EVERYTHING freakin' thing.

So on Saturday, in 4 below zero weather, Starbucks new Skinny Latte in hand, and a 3 month old wrapped up from head to toe, I headed to The Pepper Tree. She had some great yarn left that just screamed PROJECTS to me!!!

So here it goes:

Cascade Superwash for striped hat/mittens for S (2 in both Red and Black)

Berroco Touche for a striped sweater for E for Winter 2008/09 (3 Ivory, 6 blue)

Queensland Collection's Kathmandu Aran (4 balls) for a hat/gloves/scarf for DH:

A sweater for myself in Cascade 220 - Heathers (6 Hanks)

Now some random yarn-yummniess just because I loved the way this looked!!

Patagonia Nature Cotton (2 in blue)

Cascade Baby Alpaca Chunky (2 pink, 1 mauve)

Elsebeth Lavold's Angora (2 in Misty Blue)

Cascade 220 (1skein)

All of this wonderful non-sock yarn for under $200!!! Close but under that amount!!! I can't believe what a deal. I'm glad I got good solid yarns b/c if it takes 3 years to knit up I'll still like the stuff. It won't be for just a fad I'm on!!!!

I also got 7 skeins of Blue Sky Dyed Cotton for DH's B-school buddy's baby. I'll be doign another Big Bad Baby Blanket. It's in the color Sky which is heavenly!!! Ordered it from WEBS. I've been very happy with them so far. The bulk discount ROCKS!!!

I also order Goshen from WEBS for the El Sol Pullover from Interweave Knits Winter edition! I'm boring and got VERY basic colors!! I wanted to do something a bit more adventureous, but couldn't do it.

So that's it for a long time. STITCHES Midwest is in August and I can't wait. I'll be adding to my lovely collection in August!