Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The LSD Flashback Blanket!

The colors are wonderful in this blanket HOWEVER, putting them all together makes it looks like something my mom might have seen at a Zeppelin concert! I can't get over how bright this yarn is! I'm using Fantasy Naturale by Plymouth yarns. WOW! I frogged the blanket and I'll do a sweater and hat for K's baby girl due next month.

I'm going to use a simple Debbie Bliss pattern for the sweater and a plain little hat. I think that the colors will be okay on something so small. A blanket would have been too much!!

So off to Joann's this morning to get a set of Size 8 needles. I thought I had bamboo ones this size, but I guess not. Oh,well . . .S won't be too happy about it, but he'll get to go visit L and her girls and a treat for being the best behaved 2 year old in the store!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Bunny #4 Finished !

I love the bunny! It's so easy and cute!!! I'm sending #4 to one of my Internet lesbian friends for her newest little guy. I'm so happy for everyone having babies, but can't deny the twinge of jealousy I feel when they announce their pregnancy. Why not me?? Well, this blog isn't about my infertility issues, it's about my other obsession, KNITTING . . so

I'm making two more baby gifts and I'M DONE for now. My knitting buddy ( who also is my buddy outside of knitting), L is doing the same thing. She actually had the idea first and now I'm following suit. I still need to do projects for none household members, but at least it's not for babies!! YEAH! Aunt P needs socks and D needs a sweater for Christmas. Then for R&S I need to do sweaters. Not sure if R will get a sweater, but he'll get something knitted! Last year he wore my first 3 scarves with pride! They looked like hell, but he wore them day after day!! There was a reason I married him!! LOL

Chrissy got the gift for Logan! He looks so handsome in it!! Here is a picture she posted today. I"m glad she got it! They live in Chicago so I'm hoping he'll get some use out of it this winter!

So here I am, not pregnant and knitting for everyone elses babies! I guess it's a way to make myself feel better about being an infertile mama! Maybe once I stop knitting for everyone else, I'll get pregnant and HAVE to knit for #2! S does need a sibling and a sweater!! LOL Poor kid is going to need therapy by the age of 7. We're really doing a number on him. He's so content in his store bought sweaters and only child status.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Finished 2 Projects in 1 week

I rock!! I finished Angie's BBB and it turned out WONDERFULLY. I was so impressed with the yarn. It self striped, but that was okay. Ang loved it and hopefully that baby will come home wrapped in it soon. They stripped her membranes and that should get things going!

These are Logan's birthday presents. I need to send them quickly since his birthday is tomorrow. I hope Chrissy likes them! I used Bernat Denimstyle which I LOVE. I just did a garter stitch scarf with fringe at each corner. There was a defect in the yarn, so there is a thin spot I didn't notice until too late to start over b/c of time constraints. I used Size 11 needles ad casted on 20 stitches. The hat is a basic ribbed hat. Here's the link to the pattern:

Bev's Simple Stretchy Hat

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


So happy to announce that the BBBB for Angie's little miss is DONE!! It's currently blocking on the dining room table. Will get a wash and dry today and then packaged and delivered Thrusday. A is going to have this baby anytime, so I need to get it to her SOON!!

Well, we have a little off road project I need to finish in about 3 days. My friend Christina's son is 2 on Sunday. I was going to buy the usual loud obnoxious toys that all 2 year olds like, HOWEVER, she posted on the board we met on (yes, kind of dorky, I know) that her DS had WA Y too many toys. So needless to say, I'm not doing a toy now. I think we'll do a scarf and hat for this winter. They're in a Chicago suburb so that will work.

Sunday, July 09, 2006


Forget Delaney's sweater for Christmas!! UGH, I'm never going to finish.

Angie's baby blanket is about 98% done! I have 10 more rows to go.

Then it's finishing Cristy's bunny and something for Court. Not sure what since I frogged her blanket. I have about 14 skeins of Mircrospun now!! WTF am I going to do??

I might have a blanket of my own to knit soon! Only a week until we find out if #2 is on the way!!

Friday, July 07, 2006

Kramer the Knitting Cat!

Here is my PITA cat Kramer (yes, from Seinfeld!) in my knitting stash!

We need a blanket in this house!

Okay, we have blankets, but we need one that I made!! LOL I have a few contenders:

Patons Design. Looks comfy and easy. You have to buy big ass needles though.

Here's a Lion Brand pattern I like too

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Projects for 2006

Okay, so I have a shitload to do this year! I really have taken on too too too much!!! Here's my list in order of due date!!

Angie's Blanket- 90% complete. She's having the baby in a few weeks
Christy's Bunny - 90% complete. Her son is almost 2 months old!!
Kelly's Blanket - Need by end of August
Courtney's Hat and Bunny - Need by end of August
DS Sweater - Christmas
DH Sweater - Christmas
Aunt Peg's socks - Christmas
Purse - For me!!! By end of year!!!

I'm never going to finish.

Love my hook up on Ebay for Plymouth yarn. She's here in Wisconsin and has great pricing/free shipping. So all of my projects are going to be in Plymouth Yarns!!

MIA for 4 Months

Crap, it's been 4 months of no knitting information! YIKES! I'm a sucky blogger!! Well, I guess it's because I've been SO SO SO wrapped up in a variety of things outside of knitting. My 2 year old, my hubby's work, my SAHM's club, and TTC. My friends all have their TTC, pregnancy and baby blogs . . . I have one dedicated to KNITTING! My friends are all getting into it and they seem cool . . . maybe I'm not the loser I thought I was.

So I have done some more stuff recently. My BBBB isn't the only thing I'm capable of!! I used LionBrand's VelvetSpun like the patterned called for

So I tried another one with LionBrand's Watercolors for a friend here in Milwaukee. I'm very happy with the outcome!

!! I did a hat too from Lynn's Blue Sky Alpaca pattern. It turned out great!! Loved it. Need to do more.

Then my DH's friends from Grad school started popping out kids. So I was required (LOL) to make them some. I used moda-dea's beloved on one which was wonderful to knit with, but I don't think it kept it's shape too well. It turned out beautiful. I used LionBrand Diagonal baby Blanket. The parents loved it!

Another Classmate had a baby in London. I made a blanket with Bernat's Baby Boucle. It was so easy to knit with and washed wonderfully. I was

really impressed.

So we come to May. DS turned 2 and we took a trip to Florida to visit my family. I put DS in my mother's capable hands and headed to JoAnn's and LYS!! How sick is that!! On vacation and I went yarn shopping. I did however get rockin' deals on LionBrand's Watercolors (everyone is getting a non-mutant bunny!!) and some moda Dea Beloved. I've decided to mix in some Caron Wintuck in the same color to give it some heft. I also bought my 1st ball of sock yarn. My aunt wanted a pair, I said sure! I'm searching for a pattern now, but not sure how easy that is going to be.

So June, Angie's baby is due soon. I'm using Encore Colorspun and it is wonderful. It is self-striping in the BBBB. I wasnt' expecting that but it's great. I have about 4 inches left!!

I got Kelly's yarn. It's Fantasy Naturale from Plymouth. Looks great. Haven't started that one yet. I was doing a BBBB in LionBrand Microspun, but the reciepent mother started to fade away from me and I just didn't feel it anymore. I'll make her a bunny.

My internet lesbian friends are all having babies too! I've done 1 bunny and sent it. The other one is 1/2 done. I just can't finish it for some reason! I'll need to finish Angie's blanket 1st.