Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A realization of my life!!!

Well, actually, I've taken on a more stand back and see attitude with my scheduled knitting. Just last week, I posted monthly schedules of what I need to do. Of course, I'd look back on this liast on New Year's Eve and realize there would be a bunch of coulda, shoulda, woulda's about projects I didn't finish. I decided to just try to complete a few projects this year (see new sidebar) and if I have time, great, I'll choose something else off of my monthly schedule!

The weather is slowly turning in SE Wisconsin. Fall and Winter are so close. I need to savor and enjoy the rest of the summer right now and knitting will have to take a back seat! That's hard to admit, but time goes by too fast. I feel that S shouldn't hear, "Just one more row, baby" when he so desperately wants to go outside to savor the last few weeks of summer. He needs mommy to play with him not knit. Did I just say that????????

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Beach Project

Well, we leave for the beach next Saturday and I just needed light weight project to take with me. I decided to do Laney's Birthday sweater. I chose to use a Vogue Pattern. It's a slip stitch pullover. The pattern calls for Cotton Fizz by Naturally, which is discontinued so I had to find a replacement. Now, I do believe in VERY good yarn for things, but I know a 3 year old in preschool is not going to take care of the sweater and spot treat it. AND I know Laura, mother of 3 doesn't have time to delicate wash things. So I decided on Lion Brand Baby Soft. It's acrylic which I'm not a fan, but for the wearability and value, it is a good choice.

I'm going to put some Fun Fur around the sleeves and botton for a little "princess" flair!!! Laney's a diva so she'll love the fur!! Here are the colors I'm using


Friday, August 25, 2006

Felted purse DONE!!

I'M DONE MY PURSE!! I'm so excited!! I finished sewing it last night at Stitch'n'Bitch. It was HUGE and looked strange, but I gave it a shot anyways. L got a call this afternoon from a panicked virgin felter. "I don't think the water is hot enough" "How do I shape and dry it" "Are the jeans enough to agitate it?" On and on. After few tips, I hussled my way to the washer and opened up the pillow bag I felt in . . . Saw this!

It's bigger than it was before. I knew, it wouldn't work. I had every urge to call L back, ask her why the knitting gods were looking poorly on me today, why is this my fate.

Well, then I stood up and figured that women had been felting items since the beginning of time and I had at my disposal, a fancy dancy washing machine. This is something that I HAD to do.

So back in the washer it went!

20 minutes later, I had this. Nice, still too big, but it was shrinking and the "tweeding" that was happening was FANTASTIC!!!

So in it went for another 10 . .okay it ended up being 20! I had DVRed Everybody Hates Chris and HAD to watch it all!! Funny show by the way!!

I took it out of the washer and rung it out. It was fantastic. Loved the color. The shape, well I needed to take care of that one. I went searching for the perfect drying/shaping item. Well, here is the result of my felting!!

Now it's a wait and see game. Not sure how I like the "legs" but the pattern called for them and I'll trust Berroco's pattern makers on this one!! I think once it's dry, I'll add a little stitching to the handle and opening . . maybe in cream?? Not sure. That'll be a group decision with my S'n'B friends!

Monday, August 21, 2006

What's on the hot seat now???

Okay, so it's the end of August . . . here's a tentative plan for the rest of the year!!

August Plans
Baby L's hat, sweater, bunny or whatever
September Plans
Vacation project - Laney's Sweater
My mother's scarf
Start DSs sweater
October Plans
DH's sweater or Afghan
Begin DH's name pick Christmas present
Finish DSs Sweater
November Plans
Fragrance Sachets for Christmas presents
Finish everything listed above
December Plans
Start Aunt P's socks for Feb. birthday

Questions Anyone??

Okay, ANOTHER friend just popped a kid out!! C is in Denver now and I really have no idea what to make her! I was thinking about a quick hat, sweater or a non-mutant bunny. I'm really not sure what to do. I'm done with blankets, that's for sure! Two of them about kicked my ass!!!
So that's question 1 . . . What to knit Baby L??

Question2: How bad will my felted bag look? Why you ask would it look bad??? Simple answer . . . I didn't read the directions correctly!!!! YIKES! Yep, you read it here folks! I read, "Hold 2 strands together throughout project"The directions actually said, "Hold two strands of B together throughout project!!! So I held two strands of 2 different colors together! The pattern has 2 colors of Ultra Alpaca (Berroco) listed, so I ASSUMED that 2 strands meant one of each color!!! So who knows what this is going to look like. I'm hoping a black/dark gray tweed look, but only time will tell!!!

Question 3: It will be impossible for me, by all known laws of physics and the time/space continunm to make DH a sweater and the house a large afghan by Christmas. So I have the pressing question . . Do I make the sweater or the afghan???? DH's birthday is in February, so I could wait until then to make the sweater. I think he'd appreciate something that he could use in the dead of winter here in the frozen tundra we call home. So either would be great!!

So those are my dilemas!!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Next project decided!!

I've finally decided on my next project! I was on the phone to L this afternoon lamenting on my lack of interest in anything. Well I went to my stash and looked. I have some wonderful Merino wool from Patons Yarns. I want to felt and I've always wanted to make a purse for myself, so here we go!! Found this pattern on Berroco.com. I wanted to do something bigger, but it required a lot more yarn and I need to use what I have, so there you go!

It'll be dark gray with no embelishments. Great winter bag!!!

Doctor? Who needs the doctor??

Again, my obsession about yarn continues! I cancelled a doctor's appointment today (not for yarn, more personal reasons) but kept the babysitter (insert evil laugh here). I headed to Starbuck's and the LYS!! I got lots of goodies for great prices!! 2 hanks of Patagonia hand dyed cotton, 2 balls of Primitivo from Filati Bertagna and a hank of Misti Chunky Alpaca for $40!!!!

I'm going to use the Misti Alpaca to make a hat to match the scarf I made from L's bday present to me! The Primitivo will be a scarf for my mom and I have NO idea what I'm going to do with 210yds of the patagonia! It's just so pretty (and cheap) I couldn't resist!!!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Totally lied about no more baby items!

I sit here re-reading my posts and my declaration of no more baby items . . . right. I decided to do a hat for Baby A's gift. Adding to the sweater. It turned out cute and swirly! I think it looks like ice cream or sherbert! So many different colors, but they pooled together is such a cute way!! This might get a pom-pom on top.

I just got a Joann's coupon today plus my allowance!! WOOHOO!! Needing a pom-pom skeleton is a great reason to go shopping!!!

Then I decided to knit a quick little cap for another girl in my SAHM club. It only took about 3 hours to do, but it is a baby item. I just can't help myself. The thought of purchasing anything for these people when I have a perfectly good stash of yarn is just beyond me!! I guess, I'll do some hats b/c they're EASY and it's almost winter. I'm still torn between a hat or bib for Shel's babies. Not sure what to do . . . .

Here is a picture of the hat. I used Moda-Dea's Beloved and this Lion Brand pattern:

Bend it Like Beckham Soccer Set

I think I'll add the pom-pom for a little more cuteness. I used 2 different blues. It was the easiest thing to make. I think the next one I'll do will have a bigger band so it can be flipped up. I think this is missing that.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Remembering Ryan David .

A friend of mine gave birth to a son one year ago yesterday. He was only with her a short time. He was called to heaven as a tiny angel just 2 days later. It struck me today that one year ago today, my dear friend was already saying goodbye to her son. I look at DS now and feel more patient, more thankful, and more blessed b/c of Ryan. He made me think about how precious each and every moment I spend with S is. Ryan has made me a better mother.

His mother is a wonderful woman is supportive and loving. I just can't grasp, even after a year, why Ryan was chosen to leave her when his life would have been so full of love and happiness. I still can't imagine not hearing S's laughter, seeing his smiles, feeling his hugs on a daily basis. Ryan's mom will never forget him, none of us will. His short life touched us all.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Birth of a Sweater

It's quite fitting that I am finishing a baby sweater the same day I start a treatment program for my own secondary infertility. I took for granted how easy S was to make, but now I'm on the other side of the fence. I'm using accupuncture and herbs with my Tradtional Chinese Medicine Doctor as well as regular western medicine. It's been 7 cycles and there is something wrong with my eggs, hormones, lining, etc . Who knows?? Lots of tests during the next few months. I'm hoping that I can have another child biologically, but adoption is option we'll explore. It's just a matter of time.

Meanwhile, I have uber-fertile friends and I'm knitting for them. Maybe all my baby gifts are my way of presenting peace offerings to the fertility gods. They might be pissed about something I've done (who knows what?) so they're keeping me from having that other baby. I think with all the flocking gifts I've made, I should be blessed with triplets!!! LOL

So Baby A's sweater is done. I need to wash it, make the matching hat and it's ready to go out the door!! K will be so thrilled. She can't knit a stitch and thinks all of us knitters are masters of our art.
Now this is the first seaming I've done outside of L's birthday cap. I'm quite the proud knitter right now! I can't believe how easy it is and how great it looks!!! I feel like a genius. Of course Stitch'n'Bitch really taught me everything I know!!!! Now I do have to give "props" to L! She answers any and all lame ass knitting questions I ask too!!

All the little pieces done!!!

I'm a Seaming Goddess!!!

A Little Blocking never hurt anyone!

More great seams . . . this time it's side seams!!

The final product!!!

Saturday, August 05, 2006

First step to healing is admitting you have a problem . . .

Okay, I'm addicted. So NOT normal for anyone to be this focused on knitting. Why do I feel that it's time to admit my problem. . .

During our final approach on a recent trip to Atlanta, I was just finishing a row. The pilot rang the "bing-bong" to alert the flight attendants that we were landing. I said to myself . . . "Oh, let's see if I can do 3 more rows before we touch down . . ." Did that. We landed and I said, "Let's see if I can do 1 more row before we get to the gate." Did that.

Now how many sane, normal people in the world actually time thier days based on the number of rows they can finish in a defined space of time. Sick people. Wonder if there is a KA (Knitter's Anonymous) to join here in Wisconsin.

"Hi, My name is C and I'm a knitter"

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Stupid Cardigan!!

Well, I'm the stupid one. I was knitting Addy's sweater and realized that I forgot to change up the pattern so that the button holes and the button bands are on TWO different sides! The flipping things are on the same side, so there is NO luck in using these two sides! I think I'm hanging up my horns on the cardigan and sticking to the original boatneck pattern! At least I tried.

So now I'll have 3 hanks (that's 420 yards) of the Fantasy Naturale left over. UGH! I might make a hat to match the sweater for Addy.

I did find a pattern to make bibs so that might work for a girl I know having twins. At least I could use the stuff up. I also might be able to make another sweater for an out of town friend. Well see. I got about 800 yards b/c I was going to do the blanket.

Then I have the gazillion skiens of Microspun left!! I think I'll make some tank tops next year for god knows who. I just have to use that stuff up.

I got some great patterns for S's sweater. I think I'll use a Debbie Bliss Henley Style pattern. I found some wonderful dark blue Bernat DenimStyle that will bring out S's wonderful blue eyes!! Now I have to find something for R.

Too much of a useless yarn!!!

Well, crap!! I looked at my yarn stash today and realized I have WAY too much Moda Dea's Beloved. It was on sale at Joann's and I bought it by the case! It is a wonderfully soft yarn, but it doesn't wash up very well. It's bulky so mixing it with something else to give it some umph, may lead to too thick of a garmet!!

CRAP CRAP CRAP!! I really thought I could do Laney's present from this, but NOPE! Now I have to figure out what to do. I might be able to have R do some wonder math for me and redo a pattern. I could mix it with a tough worsted weight and see what happens. I could even find a heavy cotton like Sugar'n'Cream so that it gets some body to it. I need to find uses for this yarn!

Okay, I'm done my freak out!!