Thursday, December 27, 2007

Happy Holidays from the frozen tundra!!

I can't believe this year is almost over b/c it's gone by so fast and SO many things have happened to us as a family. First and most important . . .E was concieved and born this year. I'm still in awe at his adorable-ness (is that a word?) He's eating like a champ and is tipping the scales at 15lbs at 11wks!!! He's a big little boy! Here's the best smile ever (I'm a bit bias!!)He's a talker like his brother and loves to watch big bro play. I also can't get over the fac that at 11wks, he's laughing out loud. It's the sweetest sound I've ever heard. He laughs at S so much that he starts to hiccup. I love it when they play together and S really plays with E!! Being the mom two boys is the most fulfilling role I've ever had.

I've been knitting a lot thanks to a semi-established nap schedule! I'm a mom that lets the baby determine the feedings and naps, so my knitting has suffered a bit. Of course if he didn't sleep and eat like a champ, I might be a bit more strict on the sleep schedule.

So one Monkey is finished! I love SpaceDust. It's the most beautiful colorway. I can't get over how lovely it is in the Monkey pattern. I'm about 25% done with sock #2. I luckily don't suffer from SSS b/c I love the sock too much not to have a pair. I'm currently wearing my Solstice Slip from Rockin' Sock Club. It is the most comfortable thing I've ever had on my feet. As a fairly new sock knitter, I never realized how fantastic handknit socks are!! I'm sold . . . .

Now, Felix is finally done and S is just itching to wear it. I blocked it on Christmas day and it's currently rack drying. I let it go to about 75% dry and then threw it on the rack b/c S is starting to bug me about wearing it. Of course the 6inches of snow we're due today will keep us indoors for many days. I'm hoping he can wear it at some point this weekend. I want to take pictures of it on him. I think his loggerhead might be growing since I started it in August and I'm afraid that E will get the most wear. E might be in the 95th percentile for weight, but his head is only 59th!!! He's got the tiny head and buddha belly where S has the skinny body and HUGE freakin' head!!! So opposite in every way!!
Here's the Felix blocking:

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Let the blogging begin . . . again

Okay, we're here! All of us! The 3.5 year old who just might be posted on Ebay, the 9wk old that has just stolen my heart (check back when he's 3), and me!! We're braving the winter months in Wisconsin. I hate them. . .. We have about 5 inches on the ground and it's 15 degrees right now. Humans should not be made to live in a place like this!

I've been knitting off and on for the last 9 weeks. A few rows on the Chevron, seaming a few things on Felix and doing a few rows of E's new blanket. Nothing has been really floating my boat . . . until now!

I casted on Monkeys with Space Dust from Socks That Rock! I'm totally in love and can't wait to get these socks finished!!!! I can't get over the colorway. It's prue heaven to look at. I really am very shocked and impressed it looks this good. I need to get my butt in gear and get a few pictures up.

I also wanted to share a pic of my newest little man. I'm so in love it's crazy!!!! He's a chunky monkey compared to big brother! He's been in 3-6 mo clothes and size 2 diapers for almost a month now!!!! HUGE compared to S! S is smittened and gentle as a lamb with his baby brother. It's just me and DH that get abused (you need to see my fat lip!!). Is there a law against Offspring Abuse???

E is sleeping like a champ. He goes down around 9:30 and wakes around 4:30. Then it's back to bed for a few hours. Of course the slew of snowblowers that get kicked on at 6am in our neighborhood isn't allowing anyone to sleep past 6-6:15!!