Thursday, September 28, 2006

We're back!!!

What a fun weekend!!! What a crazy debaucherous weekend!!! I didn't drink b/c of TTC so I LOVED watching my friends drink and joke. I haven't laughed that hard in a LONG time. I can't believe 2 things: 1. How close we all are without the petty girl stuff and 2. How much we all longed to stay just another day or so. I think everyone was actually sad to leave. This is definitely a repeat activity!! I think it might have to be a different gathering than STITCHES! next year.

L did a great job planning the whole thing. The condo was GORGEOUS!!! The restaurant was divine!!! There wasn't one thing about the weekend that was sub-par. It was all more than I expected, even The Devil Wears Prada on Pay-Per-View!

The amount of alcohol that was consumed rivals a fraternity party!! I'd put my SAHM friends up against any frat boy in a drinking contest!! We'd win and still be able to whip up pancakes the next morning for that wussy and his frat brothers!!! ROFL!!! Notice the variety of alcohol involved in a "knitting" retreat!!!!!

I actually got a TON of R's blanket done. I'm so glad I picked that to take instead of S's sweater. I would have NEVER gotten it done!! The colors are just fantastic and masculine. I'm so happy that I went with the Homespun instead of the Shetland Chunky!!!

S has been getting under the blanket when I'm knitting. He says it feels "off" (soft) and loves to pet it like the cats!! Too cute. My heart breaks whenever he does something that cute!! I just keep realizing he's growing up!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Leavin' on a Jet Plane . . .

Okay, not really, just a car with Jodi!! It's the 1st Annual Milwaukee Knit Weekend!!! WOOHOO!! I can't tell you how friggin' excited I am to have a whole weekend of knitting. Just knitting. I don't have to do shit if I don't want to!! R is a trooper and hasn't complained once about being with S all weekend!! What a guy! No wondered I married him!

There are 7 of us going. We have a 4 bedroom condo up north and we just are bringing food. We never have to leave! The weather is supposed to be rainy, but that is OK with me! Better to nap and knit in!!

I'm packed and ready to go!! Notice the contents of my overnight bag!!!!

My project is R's Afghan. It's a basic garter StSt pattern from Patons on Size 19 needles. I decided to do something easy so I can talk to the girls. We have a few non knitters coming with us! I hope they can offer entertainment. E and K are funny people so I'm sure I'll be laughing too!

I'm using Patons Divine in Soft Earth and Dark Earth in the throw. The main yarn was Shetland Chunky (Patons), but I didn't like the colorways they offered, so I found a Lion Brand Homespun that I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I've casted on and I know this is going to ROCK!! The colors are unbelievable together!!

I can't wait to see this finished!! I can't wait to share our weekend with everyone!!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Vacation and Sweater knitting

My question . . . What the hell is a placket???? I have a pattern on how to do one, but I have NO idea what a placket is!! It should make itself apparent as I knit both pieces, but who the hell knows!! How sad it that!!!

The vacation was fantastic. S had a wonderful time!! I couldn't get over his love of the beach and ocean. My Florida blood runs deep in him!!!! LOL.
While on vacation I began to knit Laney's sweater. I realized however as I was 1/2 done the front that the gauge is off!! I did a swatch and it was just 1 stitch off. This off stitch SHOULD have made the sweater too big (which would have been fine!), BUT, the sweater isn't going to be as wide as the Size 4 it's suppposed to be!! WTF is up with that! I've called Laura to get me measurements for Laney but I don't know. Looks like Ks oldest will be getting a sweater for Christmas or her birthday!!

Here are some pictures of the sweater. I got to knit about 9 hours total during S's naps and then at night.
Sweater on September 3

September 4

September 7

Back is finished!!!

Example of slip stitch pattern