Monday, January 05, 2009

Well now, where have we been???

Well, I'm back. Not sure how many people are going to be reading this again, but I'll try to get this updated every Wednesday when both beasts are at MDO.

My current knitting obsession has been with sweaters. I can't get enough. I'm on my 4th one since July. I've done the Central Park Hoodie, February Lady Sweater, Sweet Pea Coat, and I just casted on the Slouchy Cardigan. That's not counting DHs sweater and both the boys sweaters. I still have enough sweaters worth of Malabrigo, Goshen, Nature Cotton, and Southwick to stay busy for a long time. I'm also currently waiting on Commuknity to call me back so I can get another 3 sweater's worth of yarn at 40% off (the discount code isn't working). To pay for most of this stuff, I sold some books and yarn on Ravlery. Love my Ravelry folks so nice and in need of some good stuff!!

Socks have taken a step back. I guess once Spring/Summer gets here I'll be ready to pick up the DPNs again.

I'm knitting like crazy and have finished a GAZILLION things since I last posted.

Here is the link to my Ravelry page. I'll start posting pictures again since I'm blogging again.

What have I been up to???

Life is good the eldest beast is 4.5 and thinks he's 45. He talks down to us and treats us like freakin' idiots most of the time. I mean, the kid is bright, but the fact of the matter is that the sun is a STAR and not a PLANET. This was our last conversation that lasted 20 minutes, with him ending it w/ "Okay, mommy, if you think it's a star, then it's a star (insert eye roll here)"

The younger of my beasts is too funny. He's a monster toddler and is by far a force of nature that makes an F5 tornado look like a slight breeze! I've never seen destruction on this level from a child. I've heard rumors, but never experienced it until now. He's a mini-MacGyver and can get into anything he wants. The cat is in therapy from the abuse he's getting.

All in all they're strong willed, opininated, smart, and devilishy handsome. I'm in deep trouble b/c they both flash those baby blues at me and I totally melt. I mean who can stay mad at the two most beautiful boys in the world. . . . .. I complain about them b/c they're crazy, but I know that I was born to be their mommy. It's the best job I could have ever asked for (well ,most days!!! )