Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Finally a FO!!!

WOOHOOO!!! I'm so excited to actually finish something for the first time in FOREVER!!!
Kelly's purse is finished and delivered! She really seems to like it and that gives me all the warm fuzzies in the world! I really do enjoy knitting for others. I like having it for myself, but the smile and the sparkle in someone's eyes really just makes knitting my "thing".

The bag is adorable. I highly recommend it for a quick gift. MIL is getting one. She loved Kelly's, but wants a black or dark brown. I think I'll do dark brown b/c it'll look great with the bamboo handles!

Needles: Size 13 16' circulars (Addi Turbos of course!!)
Yarn: Dale of Norway Hubro
Others: Silver snaps and handle hinges, 9x9x3 canvas bag for lining, bamboo handles
No changes to pattern!

I have been working and about 90% finished with the wedding garter. The bride is about my size and it's to freakin' big!! I must swatch differently than I knit. It the only want to explain why my swatches are to gauge and most of my knitting isn't. I'm having a HUGE problem with my sock o' the month from February for just that reason. It's driving me CRAZY!!

Speaking of Socks that Rock . . . it's SSSSSLLLLLOOOWWWW going for me. I've been working on it (not everyday, but enough) and I'm still only on the foot of the FIRST sock! I'll be knitting with my 2007 kits well into 2009!!!!

Monday, April 16, 2007

A sock on vacation!!

We're back from Key West! I have to highly recommend Sunset Key Cottages by Westin for your next family vacation!! Private island, family fun, full kitchen, 1-2-3 bedroom cottages. It was like heaven on earth. R took care of S the ENITRE time and I just had to sit back and enjoy knitting!!

I started my 1st Rockin' Sock Club sock, so I'm a bit out of the loop on our knitting rings! YIKES. Anyway, I got plenty of strange looks as I wrestled a porcupine at the pool everyday. No one asked about my knitting. I think they were scared of it all!! Luckily, I hadn't started the cabling yet! Can you imagine 6 needles going at warp speed?????

Here is the sock's vacation picture. It is on a pool lounge chair enjoy the sun:

I headed to Michael's today with S before his art class to get the supplies to finish Kelly's bag. It's been almost a month since it was completed on the knitting side of things, so I've just been lazy. I found everything but the canvas bag insert. Guess I'll hit JoAnn's tomorrow!! UGH! I just want to finish this thing!!

So on the needles I have a felted bag, Kelly's purse, the socks and waiting to be casted on is the wedding garter. I now have a month and 3 days to get that done! The Cascade Fixation is SO hard to get out of the center pull, I think I'll have to wind it on my own. The garter should only take a few days. I'll try to finish that at SnB this week!

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Long time no post

It's been a LOOOONNNNGGGG time since I posted. Lots of stuff has been going on including trips, weddings, nice spring days and other things!!

I wanted to let you guys know that I'm still around!

I haven't picked up my sticks in a few weeks so the Felted Bucket Bag and the Cabled Bag are still sitting in my knitting bag. Kelly's birthday is Thursday so the Cabled Bag MUST get finished. I honestly have completed the knitting, it's the other stuff I don't want to do (sewing!!!)

My cousin-in-law's wedding is in 6 weeks, I MUST get her garter done. I've been bragging about doing it since she got engaged!!! So it's a little bit of a must!!

I haven't even begun my Rockin' Sock Club February socks yet. The yarn is still in a hank!! YIKES!!! I'm quite unmotivated lately. I'll take L's at Knots in a Row phrasing and I'll say I've lost my mojo!! Not a good thing when knitting is your peace of mind. Maybe I'm just going crazy!!!