Tuesday, May 29, 2007


I LOVE SPRING!!! It's such a wonderful time of year here in Wisconsin. Everything is blooming, my allergies are raging, and my son is the happiest little kid around b/c he can get outside!!!

So it's been 3+weeks since posting. I'm awful at this stuff lately. Maybe it's my preggo brain . . . what is that you said?? Preggo brain. Yes, I'm pregnant again!!!! I'm over half way done and finally announcing it. All those progesterone shots helped me stay pregnant after for trying for a year. We're due in October and I'm over the moon. Now we're going to have to spend lots of time getting the guest room ready for a permanent resident!! If I could only figure out what to knit!!!

Another reason I've been a slacker is getting the handsome King of the House ready to be a ring bearer in my cousin in law's wedding. It was an undertaking finding a tux that fit a skinny 3 year old. He just turned 3 this month and is going on 30! After 3 tries and 2 overnight boxes to Hartwell, GA, we finally had a tux that fit. So without further adieu, here is the most handsome guy in the world looking dashing as ever!! Of course, my DH had the camera while I went back to the hotel room to get dressed. Did he get ANY pictures of his son posing in the tux!!!!???!! NO. . .men, I swear!!
So I obviously finished the garter and handed it off. She loved it and looked gorgeous!! I also finished knitting my MILs Knitpicks bag, I have arms and legs for the teddy bear, and the last sleeve for the kimono. I have all intentions of finishing the knitting and then taking next week to complete all the projects! We'll see if that really happens!!!

Friday, May 11, 2007

Spring is here!!!

Well, spring has sprung in good 'ol Wisconsin! I'm so happy. We've been spending lots of time on our patio that is brand spanking new. We had a playgroup yesterday. Moms and kids had a great time so I know this will be a wonderful summer!

I will confess, I still haven't done anything with my Sock Club stuff. I just can't get into it. The February kit didn't contain yarn I got excited about. The April kit has GORGEOUS yarn, but the pattern doesn't float my boat. I'm looking at my wonderful binder with 2 of 6 fantastic patterns and yarn wondering if I screwed myself out of $210 since I haven't gotten into the knitting yet. Only time will tell. maybe I can do a piecemeal scarf in December to celebrate the 2007 Rockin' Sock club!!

I have been knitting, like a fool though! 3 projects on the needles at once!! Not at all like me.
First the wedding garter is finished. It didn't turn out exactly like I planned. I thought Fixation would be more stretchy. I'll have to basically sew her into the garter, so it doesn't slip. I have some wonderful blown glass beads to add this weekend and a charm I found that I think will really add to the whole thing!

Yarn: Cascade Fixation in White
Needles: Size 4 dpns
Other: glass beads, organza ribbon, jewelry charms

Next it's a Cotton Kimono for a new little addition to a friend's family. I can't put too much b/c she'll figure it out. It's a wonderful Lion Brand pattern and with some Patagonia Cotton from my stash it really took off. First, what a wonderful yarn to knit with. I'm in heaven using this yarn. I still have a tie and a sleeve to go, but it knitted up in a weekend. Not too much trouble at all. I did cotton since they live in hot weather, so anything except cotton would have made the baby sweat!! I should be finished this weekend! Seriously this yarn totally rocks!!!

Finally, another friend is having a baby and I'm doing a teddy bear!! It's from Simply Baby by Debbie Bliss. I'm using some Oatmeal Wool-Ease from stash too. I'm so proud. I need to make room for the STR yarn!!! It's my first attempt at toys so it's interesting. There are a few new techniques I'm learning because of the different shaping requirements. The pattern is easy, but I have to read things a few times to really get a good sense of it.

So far I have one side of the body done and I just started the head! I can't wait until it's done!!