Friday, March 02, 2007

Long time no post

I can't believe it's been almost a month since I posted!! Bad knitter!! To tell you the truth, I've just be down about the weather, had company, and dealing with a 2 year old who has given up naps!!! It's all just toooooo much !!!!! =)

Well, S is through with naps for good and doesn't like me on the computer. R thinks I'm a freak for having a blog about knitting so I don't ever blog when he's home. That leaves little time for my poor little blog. Today we have our housekeeper here and S is all over her. Nothing like a little cleaning and babysitting for $20 an hour!!!

The only new thing I've have been up to is the Felted Bucket Bag that I started a few weeks ago. L got me the yarn and pattern for my birthday and it's going really well so far. I even bought more yarn in the same purple family to increase the stripes on it!! I can't wait to see what it's like when I'm done. I'm using 13s on this one b/c the 11s the pattern calls for makes a tight fabric and I'm not sure it would felt right. The 13s look like it'll be a great size and just perfect for felting.

Other than that I started a blanket for a friend that is expecting. I won't give out too much info b/c I think she reads this blog. I'm use Bernat Baby Boucle and Baby Bubbles held together on 15s. I'm using a basic dishcloth pattern. I think it's turning out great! I hope she likes it.
If you remember my S'nB group was going to dye yarn for our February gathering. I volunteered my house so I had to test the yarn prior to having 3 other people dye at my house!! I used some sock yarn from knitpicks. I figured if I screwed anything up, I'd only be out a few $$$$!!!

Here are some pics of after the dye, the mircrowave cooking and the final product!!
Finally, we dyed the yarn. It was fun and easy. I think everyone's turned out beautifully. We even had a non-knitter who thinks we're all crazy here. She did admit finally that the yarn looked great! The Kool-Aid is so easy to use and the colors are SO vibrant!!!! Here are some pictures from that night!