Monday, February 04, 2008

My name is Cat and I'm a yarn addict . . .

Hello Cat . . .

Okay, I have a problem, I know I do. Isn't that the first step to recovery?? I'm always eyeing the Destash/ In Search Of Forum on Ravelry. Do I need any yarn?? No, but what if the bestest most wonderfulness of yarn is listed .. .shouldn't I have a chance to get it?? Right???

everyone nod yes at the crazy lady

Well that's what I did folks!! Got 3 skeins of sock yarn: 2 Cherry Tree Hill and 1 of Scout's Swag.

Here they are!

They're all just beautiful. We're having craptastic weather here in SE Wisconsin, so the light didn't agree with me today. I can't wait to use the solid from CTH. I've never own a solid sock yarn (except black for DH) and can't wait to do a great lacey/patterned sock with this. I love the varigated, but I want to start really showing off the detail of the patterns with some solid yarns.

Then, Knitty Lynn, Jodi and I went to Loop. The best yarn shop in Milwaukee EVER!! We had some coffee, shopped, I got in trouble at home b/c I was about 45 minutes late, but it all was worth it. I've eyed the Misti International Hand Dyed Chunky for a while now and I had to cave. It's soft and gorgeous. I can't stop fondling my yarn (see above, I have a problem).

Then this yarn just kept calling to me at the store. Something about the colors just drew me in. I didn't even know what it felt like or who made it. It just had some great colors. Well, lucky me, it was Misti AGAIN!! Just thier 4ply worsted. Lovin' it!!

Outside of the the yarn purchases, I have been knitting!!! I'm almost half way done with my Big Bad Baby Blanket. It's the fourth one I've done so it's a very quick and easy knit for me. I'm using Blue Sky Cotton and I do love it. HOWEVER, as cotton does, my stitches are not being forgiven as much as they would have been in another yarn. There are DEFINITE tension changes in the blanket. It bugs me, but I think the yarn and color are so pretty that I'm hoping the mom won't notice too much. She's not a knitter, so I might be safe. Hopefully a good blocking and washing will do wonders for the blanket. The baby is due on the 14th so I hope to have it ready to send when we get word that Baby Matty is here!!!