Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Vacation and Sweater knitting

My question . . . What the hell is a placket???? I have a pattern on how to do one, but I have NO idea what a placket is!! It should make itself apparent as I knit both pieces, but who the hell knows!! How sad it that!!!

The vacation was fantastic. S had a wonderful time!! I couldn't get over his love of the beach and ocean. My Florida blood runs deep in him!!!! LOL.
While on vacation I began to knit Laney's sweater. I realized however as I was 1/2 done the front that the gauge is off!! I did a swatch and it was just 1 stitch off. This off stitch SHOULD have made the sweater too big (which would have been fine!), BUT, the sweater isn't going to be as wide as the Size 4 it's suppposed to be!! WTF is up with that! I've called Laura to get me measurements for Laney but I don't know. Looks like Ks oldest will be getting a sweater for Christmas or her birthday!!

Here are some pictures of the sweater. I got to knit about 9 hours total during S's naps and then at night.
Sweater on September 3

September 4

September 7

Back is finished!!!

Example of slip stitch pattern