Monday, April 16, 2007

A sock on vacation!!

We're back from Key West! I have to highly recommend Sunset Key Cottages by Westin for your next family vacation!! Private island, family fun, full kitchen, 1-2-3 bedroom cottages. It was like heaven on earth. R took care of S the ENITRE time and I just had to sit back and enjoy knitting!!

I started my 1st Rockin' Sock Club sock, so I'm a bit out of the loop on our knitting rings! YIKES. Anyway, I got plenty of strange looks as I wrestled a porcupine at the pool everyday. No one asked about my knitting. I think they were scared of it all!! Luckily, I hadn't started the cabling yet! Can you imagine 6 needles going at warp speed?????

Here is the sock's vacation picture. It is on a pool lounge chair enjoy the sun:

I headed to Michael's today with S before his art class to get the supplies to finish Kelly's bag. It's been almost a month since it was completed on the knitting side of things, so I've just been lazy. I found everything but the canvas bag insert. Guess I'll hit JoAnn's tomorrow!! UGH! I just want to finish this thing!!

So on the needles I have a felted bag, Kelly's purse, the socks and waiting to be casted on is the wedding garter. I now have a month and 3 days to get that done! The Cascade Fixation is SO hard to get out of the center pull, I think I'll have to wind it on my own. The garter should only take a few days. I'll try to finish that at SnB this week!