Saturday, October 06, 2007

My early arrival!!

Well, there's another little man in my house to knit for!! E was born on October 1st at 5:33pm. Labor was so much easier this time. With S it took 4 days b/c I was induced so I guess anything would be easier!!

The low down . . .Around 2:30am 10/1 I rolled over and my water broke. I got DH up, we got the last few things together for my hospital bag, called the OB and doula, headed to the hospital. When we got there and all checked in I was only 1cm and 60% efaced. I chose to labor on my own for a few hours. At 10am I was still 1cm. The doc said Pitocin, I was okay with that, but wanted just a little more time. So finally at noon, I was STILL 1cm. We got the pitocin drip going. I labor with DH and the doula until 4pm when I just couldn't take the contractions any more. My knees were buckling.

The drug man came in around 4:30pm and I got the epi. He did a great job. I was able to freely move my legs and lower torso, but only felt strong pressure. At 4:35pm I was at 6cm so the pain med free labor from noon-4:30 really helped!!! My OB was called and he arrived around 5pm. I was fully dilated by then. My BP was running high all labor so they gave me something to bring it down. Once I got a normal reading (5:15pm) I started to push.

E was born at 5:33pm!!

He's gorgeous and we are SO in love. S is doing okay. Not great, but he'll adjust. My mom arrived today to help us out over the next few weeks!!

I'll be knitting soon, but until then, I'll be with my newest man!!!