Saturday, January 19, 2008

MAJOR Stash Enhancment

I'm so excited about all my new yarn!! A small LYS is closing it's doors and going strictly internet so she decided to sell what was in the store at 50% off!! Yep 50%off of EVERYTHING freakin' thing.

So on Saturday, in 4 below zero weather, Starbucks new Skinny Latte in hand, and a 3 month old wrapped up from head to toe, I headed to The Pepper Tree. She had some great yarn left that just screamed PROJECTS to me!!!

So here it goes:

Cascade Superwash for striped hat/mittens for S (2 in both Red and Black)

Berroco Touche for a striped sweater for E for Winter 2008/09 (3 Ivory, 6 blue)

Queensland Collection's Kathmandu Aran (4 balls) for a hat/gloves/scarf for DH:

A sweater for myself in Cascade 220 - Heathers (6 Hanks)

Now some random yarn-yummniess just because I loved the way this looked!!

Patagonia Nature Cotton (2 in blue)

Cascade Baby Alpaca Chunky (2 pink, 1 mauve)

Elsebeth Lavold's Angora (2 in Misty Blue)

Cascade 220 (1skein)

All of this wonderful non-sock yarn for under $200!!! Close but under that amount!!! I can't believe what a deal. I'm glad I got good solid yarns b/c if it takes 3 years to knit up I'll still like the stuff. It won't be for just a fad I'm on!!!!

I also got 7 skeins of Blue Sky Dyed Cotton for DH's B-school buddy's baby. I'll be doign another Big Bad Baby Blanket. It's in the color Sky which is heavenly!!! Ordered it from WEBS. I've been very happy with them so far. The bulk discount ROCKS!!!

I also order Goshen from WEBS for the El Sol Pullover from Interweave Knits Winter edition! I'm boring and got VERY basic colors!! I wanted to do something a bit more adventureous, but couldn't do it.

So that's it for a long time. STITCHES Midwest is in August and I can't wait. I'll be adding to my lovely collection in August!