Friday, July 27, 2007

Preschooler Yarn Love

Most days, I use the mantra, "It's just a phase, It's just a phase" to get me through the age of 3. It's been hard. My usually sweet agreeable little boy turned into a raging lunatic the morning of his 3rd birthday. Did aliens replace my son? We have no idea, but time-outs are a common thing in my household. The majority of days are pretty good. We laugh, cuddle, eat out a lot, and even got to playgroups with other crazy 2 & 3 year olds. The bad days however, are REALLY, REALLY bad.

I love this kid more than anything and feel my role in life is to be his mommy. No matter how much he drives me batty, there is always that one thing that tugs at my heart and makes me melt. We had one of those days on Tuesday. . .

S: Mama, what's this?

Me: That's some yarn that mommy didn't get to color at her yarn coloring party?

S: How do you color it?

Me: Just some water and paint, then you get to cook it in the microwave.

S: Do you have paint??

Me: I have some left somewhere

S: Can we make the yarn pretty?

Heart melted right there. My son wanted to dye yarn with me. I picked him up in such a maternal glow that he commented on how happy I looked! Who wouldn't be?? My son wanted to dye yarn!!!!

I got out some Kool-aid I had left over from a party and I let him pick the colors. He picked Cherry, Tropical punch and Grape. The first 2 look the same, but I didn't care! We dyed the yarn in Mason jars and popped it in the mircowave.

S threw out so many ohhs and ahhs at the pretty colors I felt like I was painting the Sistine Chapel. Here we were doing something together and it was SO much fun!!! This is what we came up with! It's not much to look at, but I can't wait to make a pair of socks with this. They won't be the prettiest I've made, but they'll be the most special I'll ever have!!!