Friday, July 06, 2007

Almost perfect in Wisconsin

I say almost b/c we all know that there is a thing or two we'd like to change about the weather, our house, our lives, etc. We're enjoying life right now with a few snags, the biggest being a 3 year old that is terrorizing me on a daily basis!! =) We're having some "baby on the way" issues.

At 26wks with Baby E, big brother can't ignore mommy's tummy, the gifts that are arriving or the shirt that jumps when I'm sitting with him. It's been hard, but I keep telling him that mommy is knitting for him once her socks are finished.

I even gave him 3 patterns to choose from. He liked this pattern from Rowan Junior the best. It's called Jack. Of course S wanted to know if the little boy in the picture's name is Jack. So funny and typical of a 3 year old!!! It'll be done in Svale from Dale of Norway in Taupe. It looks basically like an Oatmeal Gray and I love love love it!!!!
Now for more good knitting news!! I LOVE knitting Summer Solstice Slipup from my June Socks that Rock shipment!!! YEAH!!!! I'm so happy. The pattern came toe-up or cuff down. I chose toe-up b/c I really never tried it before. I LOVE TO KNIT TOE-UP!! Be it known that from now on this woman that knits will only be looking for toe-up patterns!! It's been on the needles for less than a week and I'm almost done my 1st sock!! This is HUGE for me considering it took almost a month to knit my aunt a pair of BORING socks a few months ago!

I'm going to make the socks a bit longer than the pattern calls for. Knitty Lynn convinced me to get a kitchen scale to weigh my yarn. I started with 122 grams so each sock will be close to 60grams each! This way I won't run out of yarn. Here's my progress so far:

Finally, some non-knitting eye candy for Friday. I took this picture of S this weekend. I thought I got his whole face, but ended up with his beautiful blue eyes. Can you tell he's full of the devil???