Tuesday, July 25, 2006

The LSD Flashback Blanket!

The colors are wonderful in this blanket HOWEVER, putting them all together makes it looks like something my mom might have seen at a Zeppelin concert! I can't get over how bright this yarn is! I'm using Fantasy Naturale by Plymouth yarns. WOW! I frogged the blanket and I'll do a sweater and hat for K's baby girl due next month.

I'm going to use a simple Debbie Bliss pattern for the sweater and a plain little hat. I think that the colors will be okay on something so small. A blanket would have been too much!!

So off to Joann's this morning to get a set of Size 8 needles. I thought I had bamboo ones this size, but I guess not. Oh,well . . .S won't be too happy about it, but he'll get to go visit L and her girls and a treat for being the best behaved 2 year old in the store!