Friday, July 21, 2006

Bunny #4 Finished !

I love the bunny! It's so easy and cute!!! I'm sending #4 to one of my Internet lesbian friends for her newest little guy. I'm so happy for everyone having babies, but can't deny the twinge of jealousy I feel when they announce their pregnancy. Why not me?? Well, this blog isn't about my infertility issues, it's about my other obsession, KNITTING . . so

I'm making two more baby gifts and I'M DONE for now. My knitting buddy ( who also is my buddy outside of knitting), L is doing the same thing. She actually had the idea first and now I'm following suit. I still need to do projects for none household members, but at least it's not for babies!! YEAH! Aunt P needs socks and D needs a sweater for Christmas. Then for R&S I need to do sweaters. Not sure if R will get a sweater, but he'll get something knitted! Last year he wore my first 3 scarves with pride! They looked like hell, but he wore them day after day!! There was a reason I married him!! LOL

Chrissy got the gift for Logan! He looks so handsome in it!! Here is a picture she posted today. I"m glad she got it! They live in Chicago so I'm hoping he'll get some use out of it this winter!

So here I am, not pregnant and knitting for everyone elses babies! I guess it's a way to make myself feel better about being an infertile mama! Maybe once I stop knitting for everyone else, I'll get pregnant and HAVE to knit for #2! S does need a sibling and a sweater!! LOL Poor kid is going to need therapy by the age of 7. We're really doing a number on him. He's so content in his store bought sweaters and only child status.