Wednesday, July 05, 2006

MIA for 4 Months

Crap, it's been 4 months of no knitting information! YIKES! I'm a sucky blogger!! Well, I guess it's because I've been SO SO SO wrapped up in a variety of things outside of knitting. My 2 year old, my hubby's work, my SAHM's club, and TTC. My friends all have their TTC, pregnancy and baby blogs . . . I have one dedicated to KNITTING! My friends are all getting into it and they seem cool . . . maybe I'm not the loser I thought I was.

So I have done some more stuff recently. My BBBB isn't the only thing I'm capable of!! I used LionBrand's VelvetSpun like the patterned called for

So I tried another one with LionBrand's Watercolors for a friend here in Milwaukee. I'm very happy with the outcome!

!! I did a hat too from Lynn's Blue Sky Alpaca pattern. It turned out great!! Loved it. Need to do more.

Then my DH's friends from Grad school started popping out kids. So I was required (LOL) to make them some. I used moda-dea's beloved on one which was wonderful to knit with, but I don't think it kept it's shape too well. It turned out beautiful. I used LionBrand Diagonal baby Blanket. The parents loved it!

Another Classmate had a baby in London. I made a blanket with Bernat's Baby Boucle. It was so easy to knit with and washed wonderfully. I was

really impressed.

So we come to May. DS turned 2 and we took a trip to Florida to visit my family. I put DS in my mother's capable hands and headed to JoAnn's and LYS!! How sick is that!! On vacation and I went yarn shopping. I did however get rockin' deals on LionBrand's Watercolors (everyone is getting a non-mutant bunny!!) and some moda Dea Beloved. I've decided to mix in some Caron Wintuck in the same color to give it some heft. I also bought my 1st ball of sock yarn. My aunt wanted a pair, I said sure! I'm searching for a pattern now, but not sure how easy that is going to be.

So June, Angie's baby is due soon. I'm using Encore Colorspun and it is wonderful. It is self-striping in the BBBB. I wasnt' expecting that but it's great. I have about 4 inches left!!

I got Kelly's yarn. It's Fantasy Naturale from Plymouth. Looks great. Haven't started that one yet. I was doing a BBBB in LionBrand Microspun, but the reciepent mother started to fade away from me and I just didn't feel it anymore. I'll make her a bunny.

My internet lesbian friends are all having babies too! I've done 1 bunny and sent it. The other one is 1/2 done. I just can't finish it for some reason! I'll need to finish Angie's blanket 1st.