Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Felix . . not too shabby!

I'm about 70% done with Felix. Not too shabby actually. I think it's going to turn out to be a great sweater for S. He should fit nicely into it for 3K this year. Not sure if I'll allow him to wear it to school. It might only be for days with Mom & Dad so I can monitor what ends up on it!!!

The Svale is knitting up wonderfully after looking back 3-4 rows, but the actual motion of making a stitch sucks. It splits worse than any other yarn I've used, even the cheap stuff! I'm very disappointed in the yarn itself although one can't ignore how pretty it knits up. I just hope that it has some good structure to it. I can see S brushing up against something that's not 100% smooth and getting a nasty pull in the sweater.

Only time will tell. I'm on track to finish next week. I'm making one adjustment to the pattern since Knitty Lynn recommended it. I think it'll be great. I'm going to make the collar black instead of the main Oatmeal color. So I'm done with the front and back piece and 50% done with 1 sleeve. So I think I can finish the 1st sleeve tonight. Then I have Thursday with the girls so I can get most of sleeve 2 done. So we'll see.

The next project is my Labor Project . . .the Chevron Scarf. I'll start it and hopefully finish it as Baby E is making his way into the world. My hypnotherapist/doula thinks I'm hilarious for using knitting as part of my relaxation/no meds path to delivering little man. Little does she know that knitting is my Nirvana!! My Chevron Scarf and a little ocean wave music, the baby will just pop right out!!!