Thursday, August 09, 2007

State Fair = Yummy Yarn Dreams

We hit the WI State Fair yesterday. Little S and I are such city folk it's not even funny. From the smell of the livestock to the poopy on the floor S and I were just mesmerized. Kelly and Jodi kept laughing at us. S wouldn't get out of his stroller b/c of the poop. I was so worried about my stroller wheels. Yes, they got the poop, but I'll clean it off later today.

Anyway, all of that went away when I saw the bunny house. . . MUST FIND ANGORAS.

Well I did and saw this little guy giving me his fur. I could knit something magical up with this guy. He was so purrty!!!! I was disappointed though. There were only 3 Angora Rabbits entered. What is wrong with these people . . .they are the prettiest little bunnies!!!!

PS . . .only 66 people in front of me on Ravelry!!! WOOHOO!!!!