Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Stitches Recap! - LOTS of Pictures

Stitches is the best thing in the whole world. That is my professional opinion!!!!!

We had a great time! I took two 3 hour classes. One on Fair Isle knitting and the other on the Joy of Finishing. I'm hooked on Fair Isle and already have identified a hat/scarf pattern I love. I feel more confident in my finishing now for sweaters. I can't wait to finish S's sweater to use the new techniques I learned!!!

So what did I buy . . too freakin' much. A bunch of sock yarn, yarn for a purse, alpaca for a sweater for DH, and a few patterns!! I'm in love with Stitches and I won't ever miss one again!! I've already started saving for next year!!!!

Here's the lowdown!!

I'm searching for just the right patterns for these 2! I love the Foo-Foo so much. I can't wait to use it. The Space Dust is gorgeous!!! I'm so excited about these two yarns!!!

Foo-Foo - BMFA Silkie
STR Silkie - Foo Foo
Space Dust - BMFA Lightweight
STR MediumWeight - Space Dust

I'm using this new STR in Silkie - Sherbert along with my Wild Tide from the Sock Club to make the Chevron Scarf.

STR - Silkie Chevron Scarf - Sherbert/Wild Tide

Next I got some wonderful sock yarn from Tess' Designer Yarns. Look at these colors!!!

Tess' Designer Yarn - Baby/Sock Yarn

Tess' Designer Yarn - Sock/Baby Yarn

Then I got some Regia to make S a pair of socks. I made him some last year that were BAD, I want him to have mommy's newest refined skills!!

Regia - Socks

Then there's 2600 yards of undyed Alpaca for sweater for R. He was very excited about the yarn!!!

Alpaca from Yarn Barn

Finally, some Black Water Abbey Yarn for a beautiful Cable purse. I got the pattern there too!! The color is Quartz!! Look how beautiful it is!!!!
Purse Pattern
Black Water Abbey Yarn - Quartz

Finally a sock pattern!!

New Sock Pattern

I could have bought more and more, but I swore that I wouldn't use the debit card. I held firm!!!!

I'm waiting on pictures from the girls to show you the crazy folks I hang out with! We stayed at the Embassy Suites for free on Hilton Points. There were 2 beds, a pull-out and 2 air mattresses for the 5 of us. 3 knitters, 1 scraper/knitter and 1 die hard non-knitter. We arrived on Friday afternoon. Non-knitter spent the afternoon at the Sofitel Hotel Bar. The Scraper/Knitter took an hour class, and us die hards hit the Market. That night we ordered Gino East pizza!!! Saturday, the Die Hards were up early and took classes in the morning, had lunch and hit the Market AGAIN!!! The other 2 gals hit Old Orchard Mall. That night we went to Tuscany in Wheeling, IL. A delightful and FUNNY time. Sunday we took classes again and the other 2 left for Wisconsin.

All in all, I had the best time and the entire weekend exceeded my expectations. I can't wait for another girls' weekend and Stitches! It's in Schamburg next year . . . wonder how early I can make hotel reservations!!!!