Saturday, October 28, 2006

S'n'B at the coffee house and the scarf

We had S'n'B this week and it was great. Sonja was there and we don't see her much. She's been knitting a long time so she always has some wonderful projects going. L had her Socks That Rock, but too much laughing took place and she messed up the pattern. I tell you, even at a coffee house, our S'n'Bs get out of hand. We were near the medical school and all that brain power was severely stunted by all the SAHM craziness. The amount of stares and dirty looks we got bordered on comical by night's end. I tell you, we're a loud bunch that's for sure. I'm sure we ran some of those kids out of there.

Anyway, I easily slipped into my drop stitch scarf made of the Mango Moon Recycled silk. I love this stuff. It's so pretty. I've been wearing it everywhere just waiting for someone to compliment me on my creation. This lovely item that will adorn my neck for years to come. I fall short of shoving it in people's faces and screaming, "THIS IS GORGEOUS!!! Why won't you say anything .. ." I never thought that I would be this obsessed with external gratification, but here I am. It's actually funny b/c R said to me at lunch, after the server had rudely ignored my masterpiece, "If it makes you feel better, which I know you need b/c of the sad look on your face, that scarf is just beautiful!!" What a smile he brought to my face . . of course, then The Beast grabbed it and started to clean our table with it!! One woman's masterpiece is a 2 year olds wash rag!! Such is life!! Here are some pictures!!