Monday, October 09, 2006

Ugh!!! Can't believed I have done it . ..

No not that you dirty dirty people!! I mean knit lately! I was a 2-3 hour a day knitter until a week or so ago. I think it has to do with the failed sweater for Laney. Yes, it was a total bust!!! I had the sleeves all ready to go, so I put the sweater on S to just see how it fit. He looked so pretty in the pink sweater!! Here's the problem, THE SLEEVES ARE TOO SHORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!


S looked like he had on a short sleeved shirt!! I measured those sleeves about 5 times before binding off, just to make sure. I was sure. They matched the pattern EXACTLY!! Nowhere in the pattern did it say that is was a 3/4 length or short sleeved sweater. So Laney's getting something from Gymboree, about a month late!!!

I think that is why I haven't knit in a while. I'm just bummed that I failed. I guess it's just the control freak in me b/c I can't figure out why it went bad..

So here's a toast to you, little pink sweater, that never will be. Maybe I'll use you to make some socks for Laney's sister Kelsey . . . she loves pink!!!

Next for me is It's GORGEOUS. The BabyKid yarn from Lana Grossa is fantastic. I can't believe how soft AND durable. I can't break it just by pulling it. The shawl is for R's cousin SP in Cinncinnati. I think she'll love it. I'm using a dark gray. It's coming along easily, but I'm not used to the weight yet. Of course, it's been days since I worked on it . . . . I have a few more weeks until my date to have it done! We have SnB on the 24th so I'm hoping to have the body of the shawl done. I need L's help to finish the shawl. I've never picked up stitches before!! The ruffle is wonderful so I need to make sure I have everything just right!!!

So I have a few things left for the year. My mind changes constantly so I hate to blog what I want to do today, because it'll be different tomorrow.