Thursday, November 02, 2006

Won't you help a fellow knitter out!!

Okay, fellow knitters. I need some ideas!!! I have some really beautiful Patagonia Naure Cotton by Araucania. Now I have NO idea what to do with this yarn!!!

Here is a picture. As you can see I'm taking the cue from many of my fellow knitters, I'm starting to take my pictures outside. Hopefully, I can continue this for a while until snow gets here!

On a side note: I always feel funny about using the word hopefully in posts. I had a professor in college back in 1991 that didn't allow us to use the word "hopefully" to begin a sentence. We would have to say, "I'll get into grad school full of hope" instead of "Hopefully, I'll get into grad school" Then we would see the error in what we were saying. He felt that the word "hopefully" was used wrong more often than any other word in our language!! Sorry to veer off track on that!

So anyone have any ideas?? I'll take any and al ideas no matter how outrageous they may be!!!

The color is pink (obviously!) and I have 210 yards. A scarf might be fun, but I just finished the silk one so I don't think I'm in the *mood* for a scarf. . . okay, I lied. I'll take any idea as long as it's not a scarf!! =)