Monday, November 13, 2006

Weekend Update and the Decision is Made

Thanks to Leah and Michelle for suggesting a little bag. I think that is what I'm going to do!! I need something to tote around my smaller knitting stuff, book club reading, S's diapers and sippy cup, etc. I think it'll be something nice to have during the dreary winter in Wisconsin.

Thanks to everyone who suggested things Yes, Nina, even the legwarmers!!! =) There were some lovely ideas that have sent me in search of yarn for different projects.

This weekend I did a few things. S had a minor procedure on Friday so we had to take care of a very sore little boy. He's doing fine now and is back to his normal 2.5 year old self!

Saturday night, R got into a HBO boxing presentation, so after 10 mintues of watching men bash each others faces in, I gave up! I hid in my closet (aka. Yarn Stash Storage) and began to sort. It is my intent to start 2007 with organzied yarn. I have an excel spreadsheet with all the needles, yarn and even some patterns(don't judge people!) but that really isn't enough. I need my yarn organized by fiber content or use. Right now everything is in bags, which I HATE!! I'm in need of some very good storage bins. I saw some at Home Depot and have asked Santa to bring me those drawers!

Here is what I have down: wool, fancy/expensive stuff, baby use, cotton, acrylics (yes, I use them for kid stuff!), novelty yarns, and scrap yarn. Now we need to get them into bins!

Finally, I admitted to myself that I did a piss poor job on my gauge for this hat. It's Misti Alpaca Chunky, and I really went nuts when it came to gauge. I mainly make hats for kids or babies so the gauge really has never been a problem. I swore it looked just fine for me. Well, it was HUGE. It was even big on R's head. He said it just slid on. Well, I felted it. It's drying so the result is still unknown. The felting did the trick, but now it's a waiting game to see if it's still beautiful and soft like it's matching scarf that I made last year. Notice my attempt to be a creative displayer of my work. I love how people are displaying their work lately! Sorry L, had to copy ya!