Monday, November 06, 2006

Can't blame anyone but myself for this!!

WHAT DID I DO??? I was browsing some blogs yesterday and saw the mention of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Sock of the Month Club/Sock Club. I checked it out and found the wonderful Sock Club 2007. I knew L would totally get into this so I happily sent it to her. While waiting for her response, I continued to read my Sunday blogs and I realized how most of the knitters that have work I really enjoy are avid sock knitters. I started thinking, why haven't I made socks? Why is it that I've been knitting for almost a year making sweaters, hats, afghans, scarves, etc but I've never ventred into socks?

This was my chance, L responded back that she pre-registered for this, so I had to too. I had a calling. So after quickly typing all my information into the registration and hitting submit, I realized . . . I have to pay over $200 for something I've never done, tried, or even took a stab at!!! WTF!! The excitement got to me!!!

I'm going to do it, but I'll have to REALLY hide my paper trail from DH, I'm sure he could find much better ways (or at least in his opinion) to use 200!!! Oh, yeah, maybe more since I have only have 1 set of DPNs!!!