Thursday, January 11, 2007

Denial just ain't a river in Egypt!

Yep, corny, but oh, so true!!! For anyone that reads this regularly, you'll see that I constantly refer to my "lack of stash." I'm not like those other knitters who have a gazillion pieces in their stash. Not me, no sir . . . well, that's because I apparently had a crappy storage system. Well, not crappy, just not allowing me to see that yes, I do have stash.

After about 20 minutes of S helping me build my tower of yarn out of 2 packages of metal wire shelves, I realized I do have a crap load of yarn. Now it's not as impressive as other knitters stashes, but for someone whose been knitting for just a year, it's not too shabby. I have all the baby yarn and Joann bought yarn on the bottom shelves. I figure if the cats or the kid gets into this stuff, it's not too much of a loss. Then the sock yarn and expensive stuff have the top shelves.

Here's a look. Now remember I have a walk in closet that R is forbidden to enter so I can easily hide anything from him!! S is little nosey (takes after me) so he's really into seeing what my closet has to offer!!