Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!!

Well, it's 2007! That means it's time for me to list my projects for this year. I'm a project knitter and yarn buyer. I have a small stash that I buy only when I know there is a project waiting. Some of the yarn is from really good sales though. I'm also a Capricorn so the thought of an unplanned year is somewhat daunting. I have to have a plan so her it goes!!

Finish R's scarf
Peg's Socks
Mom's Scarf
Addison's Blanket Buddy

Bonnie's Bag
Beach Poncho (must get a picture of this up!)

Sock O' the Month
Kelly's Cabled Birthday Bag

Patagonia Cotton bag for me!!
SP's wedding garter

Sock O' the month

Gift for Baby A

Gift for Baby Smith
Ss winter sweater

Winter Poncho for me!!!

I'm sure this will change as the year goes on, but at least I have a plan!! It makes me feel better to open Excel and see the month, project, patterned used, yarn purchased for, etc. K said I was a total Capricorn the other day. I denied it . . . I think she might be right!!!! =)