Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Stash Enhancement

WOOHOOO!!! I got my Knitpicks order AND L and I hit a yarn sale this weekend!!! I can not do the Knit from your Stash thingymabob that everyone is doing. Simply can't do it. I don't really stash yarn, I buy for projects so my extra yarn is minimal. However, the whole sock addiction may change my entire outlook on how I'm going to do things in 2007.

So this is what I got from Knitpicks!!
Gloss for DHs socks! It's so soft. Wool/Silk Blend

Memories in Redwood Forest for fingerless gloves. This is just so gorgeous!!!

Panache in Cloud for Elenor from Viva Poncho. I figure living in Wisconsin, I need to have a yummy, but useable poncho! This stuff is made of 40% Alpaca and 20% of Cashmere, Silk, and Extrafine Merino. I'm so excited to make this for myself. Of course, L is a registered poncho hater, so it'll fun to watch her try to get out of telling me how great this stuff is!!! =)

And finally, some DPNs in 0-4. I know that many people have suggested I do socks on circular, but I'm totally hooked on DPNs!! Lovin' those!!

I do have a backorder for Kelly's birthday gift. I can't wait to get that. It'll be available on January 19th.

Then L and I went to the LYS for the big sale. 20% off everything and 40% off if you bought all the remaining yarn in one color. I thought I would get a lot of deals, but it turns out that every yarn I thought I could get at 40% off had 15-20 balls of the same color lurking in the upstairs rooms. It sucked, but I did manage to score some sock yarn. As you can see the constant obsession with socks is already starting!!! I got 3 balls of Clown at 40% off only $13!! ! Not too shabby!!!

I love the colorway and can't wait to knit a pair of socks for ME!!!!