Friday, January 26, 2007

My month of stash enhancement . . a little yarn porn

Well, I just got pictures taken of all my newest yarn. I'm addicted to Destash for Cash. It's a wonderful blog that I can't get away from!!! I've purchased so much and still waiting for 2 orders to come in. It's really scary how much I'm on this site.

Needless to say I've gotten 2007 off to a whirlwind of stash enhancement!! Sock yarn, yarn for no project, yarn for projects, etc. Just everything and anything!

So I thought I'd interest you in a little Friday yarn porn! This stuff is all from January purchases and gifts!!

Crazy superwash sock yarn from Country Hill! Some lovely handspun silk/wool mix (Aqua) and another handspun mohair from Fiberwoods Studio here in Milwaukee.
Malabrigo Worsted. Nothing more needs to be said!!!Look at this stuff. Truly heavenly!!
Fable Baby Alpaca in little lilac color! 2 full skeins.

Cascade Pastaza Wool/Llama blend.