Thursday, August 10, 2006

Remembering Ryan David .

A friend of mine gave birth to a son one year ago yesterday. He was only with her a short time. He was called to heaven as a tiny angel just 2 days later. It struck me today that one year ago today, my dear friend was already saying goodbye to her son. I look at DS now and feel more patient, more thankful, and more blessed b/c of Ryan. He made me think about how precious each and every moment I spend with S is. Ryan has made me a better mother.

His mother is a wonderful woman is supportive and loving. I just can't grasp, even after a year, why Ryan was chosen to leave her when his life would have been so full of love and happiness. I still can't imagine not hearing S's laughter, seeing his smiles, feeling his hugs on a daily basis. Ryan's mom will never forget him, none of us will. His short life touched us all.