Sunday, August 27, 2006

Beach Project

Well, we leave for the beach next Saturday and I just needed light weight project to take with me. I decided to do Laney's Birthday sweater. I chose to use a Vogue Pattern. It's a slip stitch pullover. The pattern calls for Cotton Fizz by Naturally, which is discontinued so I had to find a replacement. Now, I do believe in VERY good yarn for things, but I know a 3 year old in preschool is not going to take care of the sweater and spot treat it. AND I know Laura, mother of 3 doesn't have time to delicate wash things. So I decided on Lion Brand Baby Soft. It's acrylic which I'm not a fan, but for the wearability and value, it is a good choice.

I'm going to put some Fun Fur around the sleeves and botton for a little "princess" flair!!! Laney's a diva so she'll love the fur!! Here are the colors I'm using