Friday, August 25, 2006

Felted purse DONE!!

I'M DONE MY PURSE!! I'm so excited!! I finished sewing it last night at Stitch'n'Bitch. It was HUGE and looked strange, but I gave it a shot anyways. L got a call this afternoon from a panicked virgin felter. "I don't think the water is hot enough" "How do I shape and dry it" "Are the jeans enough to agitate it?" On and on. After few tips, I hussled my way to the washer and opened up the pillow bag I felt in . . . Saw this!

It's bigger than it was before. I knew, it wouldn't work. I had every urge to call L back, ask her why the knitting gods were looking poorly on me today, why is this my fate.

Well, then I stood up and figured that women had been felting items since the beginning of time and I had at my disposal, a fancy dancy washing machine. This is something that I HAD to do.

So back in the washer it went!

20 minutes later, I had this. Nice, still too big, but it was shrinking and the "tweeding" that was happening was FANTASTIC!!!

So in it went for another 10 . .okay it ended up being 20! I had DVRed Everybody Hates Chris and HAD to watch it all!! Funny show by the way!!

I took it out of the washer and rung it out. It was fantastic. Loved the color. The shape, well I needed to take care of that one. I went searching for the perfect drying/shaping item. Well, here is the result of my felting!!

Now it's a wait and see game. Not sure how I like the "legs" but the pattern called for them and I'll trust Berroco's pattern makers on this one!! I think once it's dry, I'll add a little stitching to the handle and opening . . maybe in cream?? Not sure. That'll be a group decision with my S'n'B friends!