Thursday, August 03, 2006

Stupid Cardigan!!

Well, I'm the stupid one. I was knitting Addy's sweater and realized that I forgot to change up the pattern so that the button holes and the button bands are on TWO different sides! The flipping things are on the same side, so there is NO luck in using these two sides! I think I'm hanging up my horns on the cardigan and sticking to the original boatneck pattern! At least I tried.

So now I'll have 3 hanks (that's 420 yards) of the Fantasy Naturale left over. UGH! I might make a hat to match the sweater for Addy.

I did find a pattern to make bibs so that might work for a girl I know having twins. At least I could use the stuff up. I also might be able to make another sweater for an out of town friend. Well see. I got about 800 yards b/c I was going to do the blanket.

Then I have the gazillion skiens of Microspun left!! I think I'll make some tank tops next year for god knows who. I just have to use that stuff up.

I got some great patterns for S's sweater. I think I'll use a Debbie Bliss Henley Style pattern. I found some wonderful dark blue Bernat DenimStyle that will bring out S's wonderful blue eyes!! Now I have to find something for R.